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ILLICIT: A Short Skateboard Film

 ILLICIT: A Short Skateboard Film

First up, go get a Dr. Pepper and watch this in 1080p! (In fullscreen with the lights off, preferably) I didn't invest all this money in HD for nothing.
Illicit features all your favorite local skaters: Jared Martinez, Christian Sasse, Jake Langford, Corey Walker, DJ Bumgarner, Jess Chambers, Niko Contreras, Nic Krupka, and many others.

Filmed over the length of Summer 2010 to Fall 2011 on Canon HDSLRs and lenses entirely by yours truly, Anthony Allison.

I take no copyright over the songs, and they are all listed at the end of the video. Rate, comment, and subscribe for more, especially when Corey and Christian's ankles get better.

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