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Minnesota Moment

 Minnesota Moment

in 2008, Caleb Gilbertson & Matt Koskinen, worked on this skateboard film that still to this day features a bunch of sick handrails, ledges, stairsets and more. When I searched for it and couldn't find it anywhere online I thought I would put it out there for the youtube world to enjoy!

"Cody Davis & Timmy Gallaher came up with an idea to create a skateboarding film called "Minnesota Moment." The goal for this film was to shoot and showcase some of the best young skateboarding talent in Minnesota. With some help from their friends, Cody & Timmy bring to you some of the biggest up and coming skaters in the country. So watch Minnesota Moment and see just what these young kids, who love to skate, can do!"

Directed by Timmy Gallaher and Cody Davis
Produced and Edited by Caleb Gilbertson
Edited by Matt Koskinen

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