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new emission of light and sound

New Emissions of Light and Sound is a DVD collaboration between the sometimes-introverted world-renowned DJ Sasha and a bunch of Surfers that managed to snag themselves a nod for both Best Core Film and Best Editing from the 2007 X-Dance Film Festival; Movie of the Year, and a win for Best Cinematography from the 2006 Surfer Poll Awards for their previous film, Secret Machine.

DJ Sasha is best known for his expansive sets, blurring the lines between trance, breaks, progressive, and deep house, creating a fluidic groove that is unmatched; a creation uniquely his own.

Taj Burrows, CJ Hobgood, Damien Hobgood, Nathan Webster, and Yadin Nicol go all "richter," and serve as the subject for this visually stunning 'surf-u-mentary,', which is silent save the original soundtrack provided by DJ Sasha.

Some of the shots achieved by the film crew will make you wonder how they were achieved. The label on the box states, 'For Best Results, Watch Between Midnight and 5am.' Sound advice. You may not enjoy much about this production otherwise.

For starters, it's way too short. Even with the credit roll, it's maybe 35 minutes long. There is absolutely no plot, no narrator, and no story. So, while it may be visually appealing, it's pretty boring.

Unless your nuts about surfing, or DJ Sasha, I wouldn't bother with New Emissions of Light and Sound. The sound track by DJ Sasha is, of course, the highlight of the presentation. But again, with a 35 minute runtime, you'll spend most of it waiting for something to happen, then the credits roll, and you'll ask yourself the same thing I did: "What the heck was that?"

Cool. But not quite. I've got much better things to do with an hour. On a side note, this is not 'dance music' per se, rather, it is DJ Sasha at his best, and I look forward to more exciting things from Sasha and emFire Music.

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