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Traverse, the highly anticipated follow up to Nomad’s ROAM series. Edited by Claws & Teeth’s Dan Nicholls, Traverse follows 12 months of the world’s best free surfers as they scour the globe facing all conditions thrown at them by mother nature.
Sessions include locations such as New Zealand (seen in Riptide #178), Luna’s (seen in Le Boogie #5), Cook Islands (seen in both Le Boogie & Riptide), Western Australia, South Australia, Northern NSW, South Coast, and Tow sessions.
The project features the riding talents of Chris James, Max Arent-Highfield, Ryan Hardy, Ewan Donnachie, Jono Bruce, Adam Luehman, Alex Halsey, Pierre Louis Costes, Nick Mc Neill, Sacha Specker, Matt Lackey and more, and has been filmed by Dan Nicholls, Lucas Vazquez, Michael Jennings & Matt Lackey.

Running time: 30 minutes plus extras

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