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Surfing for Life

Surfing for Life, an entertaining and inspirational portrait of nine older surfers still riding waves in their 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, will be distributed by American Public Television to public television stations nationwide beginning April 14, 2001. Produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker David L. Brown, this remarkable documentary journey portrays the "sport of kings" as a uniquely powerful metaphor for passionate involvement and life's possibilities as we all grow older. This is a film for all audiences that details the fascinating lives of heroic role models who are "following their bliss" and staying active and engaged into their seventh, eighth and ninth decades.
Narrated by acclaimed actor Beau Bridges, Surfing for Life blends compelling life stories told through interviews, contemporary day-in-the-life footage, and a wealth of rare archival material including images from several of the world's finest early surf filmmakers and photographers. Through these insightful profiles and a healthy dose of humor, this dynamic film challenges the negative images of aging presented in America's youth-obsessed culture.
Surfing for Life not only challenges ageism, it also weaves a tapestry of unforgettable stories that embody many universal aspects of the human experience. The surfers' tales reveal, among many lessons, courage in the face of adversity, the power of the human spirit and a celebration of values and relationships that contribute to rich, meaningful, well-spent lives. Some examples: after living through the attack on Pearl Harbor, John Kelly (age 81) is transformed into a life-long peace activist; Anona Napoleon (age 60) survived a paralyzing diving accident then used faith, will and visualization to achieve a miraculous full recovery; Woody Brown (age 88) feeling reborn after "working with love" as a volunteer at an adult day health center; and Fred Van Dyke (age 70) speaking for everyone who is dealing with the challenges of aging as he copes with the painful decision to quit surfing 25 foot waves at age 60.

With life-embracing warmth and humor, the older surfers in Surfing for Life overturn the common perception of surfing as an activity only for young people and, in the process, make an important and eloquent statement about the human potential of later life. Audiences and critics alike confirm that this is one of the most memorable and uplifting films on growing older ever produced.

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