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Rumors is a cinematic journey into the deepest Mexico ever seen on film - the product of a two year operation to find, surf and document the most perfect waves this coastline offers.
Ride shotgun as the boys sneak their way along the perilous Sinaloa coast, hit the recently discovered 'Lost Point' and carve up many other spots never before seen in any surf film.
Shot in full HD, Rumors peers into the soul of Mexico, its lifestyle and characters, and erases any doubts about where the most treasured surf in the Western world has been hiding.

Starring: David Rutherford, Brian Conley, Diego Cadena, Dusty Payne, Oscar Moncada, Bruce Irons, Dylan Southworth, Timmy Reyes, Adan Hernandez, Nathan Fletcher Aproximate Running time 50 minutes plus extras

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