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Liquid Time

Welcome to another world, a place where perfect waves peel endlessly down flawless sandspits and off around the kind of points surfers have only ever dreamt. It's time for your imagination to be set free. Liquid Time.
Monty Webber's new movie, Liquid Time, features perfect, backlit, tubing waves peeling endlessly down perfect points and sandbars, with plenty of in-the-barrel shots in the style of George Greenough. But no surfer will ever ride them - these are mini waves, created in still water by boat wake.
In his staggering, mesmerizing film, Australian Monty Webber reveals that the world's most perfect waves are only five inches high.
The effect - slowed down, so it looks, in scale like real time and set to the music of Tim Love Lee, Rosie Westbrook, The Hunchbacks and Bourbon St is mesmerising. Webber has used his vivid imagination to take you somewhere else and this is probably destined for cult status among surfers and non-surfers alike.

Also includes 20 minutes of white hot surfing by Mick Fanning, Taj, Kelly, Wink, Walt, Willsy and Daniel Ross. Plus the best of Monty's movie, RISE - featuring Trent, Mick, Joel, Rast and Michael Peterson.

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