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Good Morning Miyazaki

Good Morning Miyazaki is the debut surf film from DBFilms. Driven by stunning videography and subtle narrative, the film unearths the waves, surfers, history and culturally diverse community that is the soul of the Miyazaki surf scene.

Featuring local pros, groms, foreign imports and scores of worthy amateur surfers, the film will showcase Japanese surfing at it's finest. From big waves to barrels to ten-toes-over, Good Morning Miyazaki is a visual feast of surf and soul. Think Castles in the Sky meets One California Day with a touch of Endless Summer, but uniquely DBFilms and in Japanese.

The film will be released in December, 2012. Until then, DBFilms will keep your belly full with regular behind-the- scenes videos, photos and introductions to the characters, musicians, artists and filmmakers involved in the project.

Like riding a wave, life is full of moments and movements where swells, people and places connect to create something amazing. Good Morning Miyazaki is one of those moments.

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